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The Illustration Process

Illustrating and communicating your science with P&P is an easy and fun process! Here we will explain how the process works step by step! 

Step 1

Contact P&P with the interest of illustrating and communicating your science.

This is very easy! You can do it via our social media or via our email:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Step 2

We arrange a first meeting in which you tells about the scientific topic you are interested in communicating.

Here we want to know everything about your research, and the elements that you would like to highlight from it. With that in hand, we can suggest a scientific communication strategy and/or a particular audiovisual product.


After our first meeting, we will present you budget and design proposals, together with some graphic references. Once we get closer to what you are looking for, we formally agree to work on this graphic piece together!

Step 3

We present you a communication proposal.


This is where the fun really begins! Using an interdisciplinary process of co-creation, we work with you to bring life to your project, yay!

Step 4

We agree to have a second meeting in which we show you a first draft of your project.


Step 5

In a third meeting, we show you the final version of your project / product in black and white.

At this stage, we integrate the comments and suggestions from the previous stages. We present you with the final version of your product or communication plan, together with color options so that you can choose the palette and style that you like the most.


Step 6

We send you the final version of your product in high resolution!

And our commitment does not end here, since once you publish your article, or go to that congress for which you have worked so hard, we help you to disseminate your scientific results on all our social networks! WOW!


Once your science communication product is finished, at P&P we promise NOT to publish your illustration on any social network (our Instagram or Twitter accounts), but we WILL leave a sample of your work (in low quality) on our website, so that future scientists and communicators can be inspired to communicate their science in a more entertaining way.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact us!

If you are interested in any of our products please contact us! We will be happy to hear everything about your research!

Thank you for contacting us!
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